Bachelor of Science in Food Science & Nutrition

Duration: 3 years (6-semester course work with training/ institutional visits and internship during the 3-year course work) or 4 years (6-semester coursework and 1 year of internship and project).


  • Class XII (bridge course in Basic Chemistry, Biology and General Physiology for students from non-science background), Or
  • 3 years Diploma in Food Processing and Preservation are eligible for lateral entry to 3rd semester 

Food Science and Nutrition focus to enhance the quality of life through improved physical growth, development, and productivity. At the same time, translation of these basic nutritional facts into practice requires an understanding of the dietary patterns and the influence that social, economic, and cultural factors have on them. The chemistry of food and changes in nutrient content during food processing are equally important in understanding the science of nutrition. The course is designed in a way that provides an understanding of both the biological and social science perspectives. The students will receive both basic theoretical and practical training in the areas of nutrition and dietetics, community nutrition, food processing, food analysis, and traditional food system. 

Course delivery
Theory: lectures, seminars, computer-aided learning, group discussions, debates, quizzes, assignments, report writing, and observation Practical: lab work, demonstrations, hands-on clinical experience, model making, health camps, awareness programs, internships, visits to hospitals, rural healthcare centers, and food industries

Career prospects

  • NutritionalPractitioner
  • Consultants
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Research and Community Surveyors
  • Food Inspectors
  • Nutritional Program Administrators
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