Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology

Duration: 4 years (6 semesters coursework with 1year internship)
Eligibility: Class XII Science or 2 1/2 years of DMLT

The medical laboratory technologist is a key member of the healthcare team. Many laboratory tests are performed during routine health check-ups to confirm good health or to diagnose early signs of disease. The medical laboratory technologist performs lab tests that help in making the diagnosis and in deciding the treatment. This will help in determining the presence or absence of disease, the extent to which the disease has spread, and the effectiveness of treatment.

Students will be educated on basic medical sciences and trained to conduct a wide spectrum of medical laboratory tests. They will be taught to deal with a range of physiological and environmental factors that may have an impact on well-being and illness. The student will become familiar with the operational, quality and safety aspects of the laboratory. The medical laboratory technologist will be taught to perform tests in clinical pathology, blood banking, biochemistry, hematology, immunology, and microbiology as well as examine body fluids such as blood, sputum, urine, stools and cerebrospinal fluid. Students will also be trained to work with other health care professionals to enable patients to obtain the type of care most appropriate for them.

Course delivery
Theory: lectures, demonstration, seminars, computer aided learning, and assignments
Practical: lab work, hands-on clinical experience in hospitals and rural healthcare settings, training in health institutions, and internships in hospitals

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