Bachelor of Science in Physician Assistant

Duration: 4 years (6 semesters coursework with 1 year internship)
Eligibility: Class XII Science

A physician assistant (PhA) is a health professional who provides a broad range of health care services, that are traditionally performed by a doctor, under the supervision of a physician. Physician assistants exercise considerable autonomy in diagnosing and managing illnesses. They perform physical examinations, diagnose illnesses, develop and carry out treatment plans, order and interpret lab tests, suture wounds, assist in surgery, and provide preventive health care counselling. They may also take on managerial duties of supervising medical staff and ordering hospital supplies. Students will be trained in performing duties such as recording medical histories, examining and treating patients, ordering and analysing lab tests and x-rays, treating minor injuries, developing treatment plans, counselling patients and their families, performing minor procedures, and assisting in surgery.

Course Delivery
Theory: lectures, demonstrations, group discussion, guest lectures, assignments, case studies, seminars, and presentations
Practical: health camps, hospital postings, urban and rural health postings, project work, case presentations, and internship

Career Prospects
Employment of physician assistants is projected to grow rapidly in the coming years. The expansion of the healthcare sector and an emphasis on cost containment results in increasing demand for physician assistants by healthcare establishments. Career opportunities for physician assistants are seen both in urban and rural areas.

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