Do Your Part Well

By : Jasbir Singh
BSc. Psychology, IInd Semester 2016-17,Martin Luther Christian University

My dear friend! I don’t know much about you,
I want to tell you, “Life is hard”,
There will be times, you will need someone the most,
Alas! I tell you, “Hardly someone will be there to support “.

When people in life get bitter to you,
Do not yourself become bitter too!
Your purpose is to bless others and glow,
Evil is not the reflection of your shadow.

There will be times in your life,
When people will hear but will not understand you,
It’s okay, do not give up your love for them,
Keep doing good because its’ suits you.

When none understands your sacrifices,
Did you made for the people you deeply care for!
My dear friend! Always keep a smile,
It’s more worthwhile than the unnecessary tears on your eyes.

My dear friend! At the end of the day,
Try to forgive and forget, what people have done to you!
When you have really done your part well,
Daddy in heaven will be waiting to take you back to home.

© JS 17

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