Doctoral Studies in Ministry (DMin)

Doctoral Studies in Ministry (DMin) is a professional doctoral degree designated to enrich religious leaders in traditional and non-traditional settings and deepen their understanding and commitment to Christian Mission/Ministry and refine its practice. The programme’s mission is “to develop leaders for communities of faith and to equip women and men for ministries and vocations that provide personal religious and social transformation.” It offers women and men the opportunity to pursue advanced studies in Christian life and Ministry by way of research in professional practice with a supporting specialised coursework.


  1. A Bachelor’s degree in Divinity (BD) or a Master’s degree in Divinity (MDiv), or  Any degree equivalent to BD and MD recognised by the Academic Committee of Theology and Religious Studies/Academic Council of Martin Luther Christian University.
  2. The candidate should have a minimum of three years of experience in Pastoral Ministry.


  1. The duration of the programme is calculated from the admission date, i.e., the entrance test results’ announcement.
  2. The Minimum duration is three years.
  3. The maximum duration shall be six years, extendable up to one year. This is applicable only in exceptional circumstances and is subjected to the approval of the Doctoral Committee.


  1. This is applicable to a candidate who has not been able to complete his/her doctoral studies within the permitted extension period.
  2. The candidate who wishes to continue with the doctoral studies will have to be re-admitted. Such candidates should petition the Doctoral Committee for approval to re-apply.
  3. Re-admission into the programme will include 
    • Appearing for the entrance test
    • Completing the course work, and 
    • Payment of the fees current at the time of the new application.

For Women Candidates

  1. Women candidates may be provided with an extension of the PhD for an additional 240 days. 
  2. Such scholars who wish to avail this provision will write to the Dean Research stating the reason.

Awarding of the Doctoral Degree

  1. The Doctoral Committee shall ratify the candidates’ eligibility for the Doctoral Degree award and forward the names to the Academic Council.
  2. The candidates should have fulfilled all obligations to the University before the award of the degree.
  3. Successful candidates will be awarded the Doctor of Divinity/Doctor of Philosophy degree under the University’s seal and the Vice-Chancellor’s signature. Along with the degree certificate, a provisional certificate may be issued certifying that the degree has been awarded in accordance with the provision to these regulations of the UGC.
  4. A copy of the successful thesis shall be kept in the University library and disseminated appropriately to the academic community.
  5. The unpublished thesis’s copyright rests with the researcher, the University, and the community from which the data has been collected. A declaration of copyright claim will be included as part of the thesis.
  6. Announcement of the DMin/PhD degrees awarded, and synopsis shall be sent to the University News, Association of Indian Universities, and the University Grants Commission.
  7. Candidates who have submitted the PhD thesis but have not attained the required minimum standards may be recommended for the award of an MPhil degree by the Doctoral Committee.

PhD Continuation Policy

Registration in the PhD degree may be cancelled by the scholar concerned by applying to the Secretary, Doctoral Committee. At the time of application, he/she should have paid all the tuition and other fees. He/she should enclose No Dues certificates from the Library, Accounts Department, Department of Research and Doctoral Studies. The application shall be signed by his/her research supervisor/Doctoral Centre. The Dean, Research Studies shall consideration the application for discontinuation as per the policy of the University. Cancellation of the registration shall be effective from the date the student completes all the required formalities.

The Supervisor may recommend discontinuation of registration based on unsatisfactory progress. The Dean, Research shall consider the recommendation and decide the due process.

The Dean, Research may cancel the registration at any time in case of misconduct on the candidate’s part after the due process.

The Doctoral Committee shall be informed of the discontinuation or termination of the registration of any scholar.MDiv

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