Martin Luther Christian University holds 15th Convocation

September 29, 2022

The 15th Convocation of the Martin Luther Christian University was held on September 29, 2022 at Windermere Resorts, Umpling. The MLA of Nongthymmai, Mr Charles Pyngrope graced the ocassion as the Chief Guest and Mr Stan Thekaekara, founder, Action for Community Organisation Rehabilitation and Development (ACCORD), Gudalur delivered the convocation address. Of the total  708 graduating students, 12 PhDs, 5 MPhils, 368 master’s degrees, 223 bachelor’s degrees, 11 postgraduate diplomas, and 86 diplomas, 3 certificate courses were awarded. The university also awarded the Honorary Doctorate to Mr. Carmo Noronha, Executive Director, Bethany Society for his pioneering work in mainstreaming disability through advocacy.

In recognition of the remarkable achievement of its past pupils, the university presented the distinguish alumni award 2022 to four of its alumnus, Mr Jonah Joram, Mr Presarwel Lyngdoh, Ms Mevourine Diengdoh and Mr Samran Sing Syiem.

While congratulating the graduates of 2022, Mr. Pyngrope in his address reminisced on the time when he was a member of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly and the Bill for the MLCU Act was introduced and he voted in the affirmative. He further added, “16 years later I stand here and congratulate the university and the management for its strife in its endeavour towards educating the youth of the region.” He further went on to stress that literacy is a means to development but the many educational institutions are producing non-performing human assets. He emphasized that educational institutions must be reminded that great destiny of mankind will only be achieved through the strengthening of the mind of the youth, hence we should urgently realign the education system with the foremost values of our civilization.

In his convocation address, Mr Thekaekara spoke at length on the importance of tribal ethics and way of life. He said that people are created equal but in reality, that is hardly ever true, we all see equality as desirable but it has led us to believe that egalitarian is a pipe dream. But in tribal communities, egalitarianism happens by design.

He further added that it is applaudable that tribal communities hardly have any segregation between the different socio-economic groups.

He concluded that tribals are smart enough to realise that God resides in nature and that God can be found not in ornate buildings but in what he created.

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