Master of Arts in Education (MA Ed)

Duration: 2 years (four semesters)
Eligibility: Any bachelor’s degree

Education as a field of knowledge is growing day by day and knowledge is as diverse as education itself. M.A Education is a programme which is designed to impart lessons to the learners in theoretical as well as practical educational thought and processes. M.A Education is basically deals with the fundamental aspects of education where learners get to learn the educational systems and their roles in society, the individual’s development, and different learning environments. The primary aim of MA Education is to build proficiency in pedagogy, to hone the skills in students that needed in discussions and analyses of educational theories for their application to real-life situations and experiences. It has the objective to prepare students with a good understanding of educational capabilities, commitment to society and to bring them out as leaders in the field of education. The degree also prepares students for research work and ensures that students develop capabilities to critically evaluate issues and emerging trends influencing the field of education.

Course delivery
Theory: lectures, demonstrations, discussions, group discussions, assignments, self-directed activities
Practical: presentations, seminars, workshops, dissertations, school observations, fieldwork, community camp and other experiential activities

Career prospects

  • School teacher
  • Lecturer
  • Educational Counselor
  • Researcher in Education
  • School Administrator
  • Educational Leader
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