Master of Optometry

Master of Science in Optometry

Duration: 2 years (four semesters)
Eligibility: BSc. Optometry (4 years) or equivalent degree

This Masters programme trains students in diagnosis, and management of refractive errors. Optometrists examine eyes and treat eyesight problems by prescribing medication, eyeglasses, contact lenses, vision therapy, or rehabilitation programmes. Besides these, the student will also carry out diagnosis and appropriate referral for patients. The programme will involve studies on binocular anomalies, abnormal ocular conditions, clinical studies, ophthalmic drugs, corrective procedures, and the social and legal aspects of optometry. The student will be trained through the Lectures and, demonstrations alongside group discussions, assignments, case studies Seminars & presentations. The student will perform a dissertation at the end of the course to have an in-depth knowledge in data collection, data entry, analysis of data using MS excel or SPSS or both. There will also be 3 months’ specialty training at Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai.

Job Prospects: Research, Entrepreneurs, Teaching, Product development, Industrial positions

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