Master of Science in Counselling Psychology


  • 1 years with 4 years of BA/BSc in Psychology
  • 2 years with 3 years of BA/BSc in Psychology
  • 3 years with any bachelor degree


  • Any bachelor degree.
  • Bridge course in Introduction to Psychology for students without a BA or BSc in Psychology


  1. Marriage and Family Counselling
  2. Educational Counselling
  3. Career Counselling
  4. Community Mental Health

The MSc. Counseling Psychology program seeks to train and prepare prospective students to be well rounded and competent counsellors, serving in the field as professional counsellors and Mental Health officials in Organizations and Government departments. Previously, this was a 2-year program, however, with the Allied and Healthcare Act (2021), the Department is offering another track that is catered to meet the specified requirements of the Allied and Healthcare Act 

  1. Two-year track: This track equips students with the essential in accordance to the current professional standards. The first year lays the ground work for the essential knowledge and skills for prospective counsellors. In the Second year, students can choose an area of specialization, carry out a Research project and complete their internship in various institutions and organizations. Students opting for the 2-year track will be eligible to practice as per the current standards in the field.
  2. Three-year track: This track is designed keeping the Allied and Healthcare Act (2021) requirements and standards in mind. In the first two years, the students will be covering the exact courses of the 2-year track. The third year is an internship year. 
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