Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology Specialization in Clinical Biochemistry (MMLT-CB)

Duration: 1 ½ year course work 6 months internship
Eligibility:  BMLT with internship  

This programme provide in-depth skills in theory and clinical postings involved in Clinical Biochemistry, along with quality control of the laboratory tests, computer software skills, Research Methodology so as to help students carry out a dissertation during the internship or be involved in research projects related to clinical cases in Biochemistry. Apart from the regular lecture and practical exposure, there will be seminars and pedagogy conducted as part of the course work. On completion of the course, the student will be able to carry out laboratory tests and reporting them to the physician, evaluate quality control, participate in research work and also be future faculty or entrepreneurs.

Course Delivery:
Theory: Lectures, demonstrations, seminars, computer-aided learning, and assignments
Practical: Lab work, hands-on clinical experience in hospitals and rural healthcare centres, training in health institutions,internship

Career Prospects: Hospital laboratories, Diagnostic Laboratories, Research projects, Teaching and Entrepreneurs.

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