MLCU Ground Breaking Ceremony 2022

9th December, 2022

Martin Luther Christian University today held the ground-breaking ceremony for its permanent campus which is located at Umphyrnai under Mawryngkneng Block in East Khasi Hills.

The Chief Guest on this occasion was Dr. Rev. J.F. Jyrwa, who was one of the founding members and member of the first Board of Governors of the university. Dr. Rev. Jyrwa together with Dr. Glenn C Kharkongor, Chancellor, MLCU, together unveiled the architectural plans for the new campus.

Also in attendance were Shri. L Kharkongor, Sordar Shnong, Umphyrnai; Prof. TK Kharbamon, Vice Chancellor; Dr. Iwamon WJ Laloo, Registrar, MLCU; Mr T Mark, member of the first Board of the Governors, the present members of the  Board of Governors and Management; members of the community, well-wishers of the university, deans, directors, faculty, staff, and students of the university.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Rev. Jyrwa reminisced about the early days of the university and he applauded the management, faculty, and administration of the university for being able to uphold the values and ethics on which it was established. He congratulated the university on the accomplishment of building their own permanent campus.

Dr. Rev. Jyrwa also admired the continued collaborations and outreach programs of MLCU with various communities in the state which has been helpful to not only the students but also the communities at large.

Prof. T K Kharbamon, Vice Chancellor, MLCU spoke at length of the plans for the Umphyrnai campus and informed that on approval of the Preamble for the Campus by the Board of Governors held on March 2, 2021, an architectural firm that was selected out of the 14 firms that participated in the Expression of Interest is in the process of finalizing the DPR which will contain the structural, architectural designs and drawings including landscaping and other building project works.

Prof. Kharbamon further added that the approach to the architectural design of the campus is culturally and aesthetically oriented, a landscape integration that allows the layout of the campus to blend with the natural surroundings, and the habitations around the MLCU campus.

Dr Glenn C Kharkongor, the Chancellor of the university in his speech remembered the vision and dedication of the founders of the university and their contributions towards the growth of the university.

After the ceremony, the guests were also taken on a tour of the 21plus acres campus.

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