MLCU Hosts Program on International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples

09th Aug, 2023

The Faculty of Arts and Culture, along with the Department of Tourism and Travel Management and the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, observed the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples at the Nongrah Campus of Martin Luther Christian University today. The International Day of Indigenous Peoples is observed worldwide to celebrate and promote the rights and cultures of Indigenous communities. The program was graced by Mr. Rudy Wahlang, the founder of the internationally renowned Blues Band – Soulmate. The chief guest highlighted the importance of observing such a day and the role it plays in sending a message of peace. The program kicked off with an interschool quiz focusing on themes such as current affairs, history, entertainment, sports, and, most importantly, indigenous culture, in honor of today’s occasion. A total of eight schools participated in the Quiz competition, with B.K Bajoria emerging as the winner, while Loretto Convent School took the second spot and St. Anthony’s Secondary School claimed third place.

Winners of the Quiz Competition: 1st Place – B.K. Bajoria School

  1. Sushmita Jha
  2. Manav Deb

2nd Place – Loreto Convent

  1. Siddhangana Nag
  2. Sneha Prasad

3rd Place – St. Anthony’s Hr. Sec. School

  1. Roderic Passah
  2. Menangmankhraw Kharkongor

The second part of the program included performances by a melodious Indigenous group, chants by the university students, a musical play, a Khasi drum ensemble, and a musical medley that fused different cultures of North East India. Other off-stage attractions included face paintings, temporary tattoos exhibiting indigenous motifs and designs, led by local artists Ms. Careen J Langstieh, Ms. Balaiamon Kharngapkynta, and Mr. Casper Syiem. Meanwhile, the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics organized a food sale cum exhibition of traditional cuisines with the participation of students from various departments. Indigenous slow food and traditional snacks were prepared by students from different North-Eastern States as part of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples.

The theme for this year is “INDIGENOUS YOUTH AS AGENTS OF CHANGE FOR SELF-DETERMINATION”, motivating Indigenous youth to be catalysts for self-determination, revitalizing cultural heritage, championing rights, and pioneering change in areas like the environment and education, fostering a more empowered future for Indigenous communities worldwide.

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