The Vision Statement

Christian education and values for the betterment of society, especially its youth and Christian community.

The Vision of the University has encapsulated the mandate and commitment of the founders of the University which have been recorded verbatim in the minutes of the first meeting of the Board of Governors and is extracted as below:

“The role and responsibility of the church is to transform society in a manner that is relevant in today’s context. The process of transformation must come about in such a way that it solves the problems of unemployment among young people, poverty, health, education and development.  The University has come at the right time and should help our people to help themselves.  Our State has a rich potential in nature and the University should help to tap these resources in a proper way.  The University should be rooted in the local culture…The University should help define the role of the Church in this society.  It should serve the people of Meghalaya.  Historically, the Church has provided schools and higher education in Meghalaya but the University will be the crown of our educational efforts in Meghalaya.  The praxis of faith, grace and scripture is education.”

The Mission Statement

“To create an educational culture that is eco-sensitive, humanitarian, respectful of all cultures and will contribute to the sustainable development of Meghalaya; of India’s North East; of the country; and the world. This educational culture envisages a student and teaching community that is acutely aware of issues afflicting societies and communities and attempts to build bridges instead of community enclaves. At the heart of education is the need to build professionalism and skill sets that equip students to deal with immediate and future challenges while also inculcating in them the ethos of equity in gender and all human relationships, and inclusivity through focused activism.”

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