Value Added Courses

Value added courses are courses of varying durations (at least 30 contact hours) which are optional, and offered beyond/outside the curriculum, that adds value to the holistic development of the students and helps them in getting placed (As per NAAC Manual).

The following value-added courses have been approved at the respective Board of Studies meet.

Sl no  School/Department/Centre Value added course
1 Education
  1. Integration of Technology in the Teaching and Learning process
2 Nutrition and Dietetics
  1. Bakery and confectionery
  2. Food preservation
3 Psychology
  1. Basic skills in Counselling
4 English and Communication
  1. Communicative English
5 Environment and Traditional Ecosystems
  1. Zero waste and resource efficiency
  2. Composting and its techniques
6 Tourism and Travel Management
  1. Basic Skills in Tour Guiding and Customer Service
7 Music
  1. Basic Guitar Lesson
8 Information Technology
  1. Data analysis using excel
9 Economics, Commerce and Management
  1. Certificate Course in Banking
  2. Certificate course in Supply Chain Management
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